The Bhiwandi Warehouse Facility of Akash Storage & Distribution Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our warehouse facility in Bhiwandi is situated near National Highway No.3. It is located outside the Octroi & LBT Zone and offers 4302 Pallet Positions spread over an area of 50,000 sq. ft. Equipped with advanced handling and processing facilities, we take pride in providing comprehensive, reliable, and flexible warehousing services to a diverse range of clients across the country. These qualities are essential to support businesses in this market.

What makes our clients choose us over our competitors?

With our extensive knowledge of the business and years of experience, we are able to cater to our audience in a record response time, which is crucial in gaining customer loyalty and staying ahead of competitors.

  • Our warehouse is located in the Urbanised BSNA (Bhiwandi Surrounding Notified Area), which is a traffic-free zone in the Bhiwandi Warehousing Zone.
  • Being in the Octroi-Free Zone on Mumbai-Nashik Bypass (NH3) provides numerous benefits.
  • Our warehouse boasts a well-designed PEB & RCC structure, durable roofing and cladding with long-life Galvalum, pre-painted corrugated sheets, and international standard quality FRF sheets for enhanced daylight.
  • Additionally, we have trimix (VDF) flooring, turbo and ridge ventilation, and a well-planned drainage system.
  • Our warehouse is easily accessible via road, railway, waterways, and airport (located at Navi Mumbai and Mumbai) & JNPT Port .
  • It is situated on elevated land, so there is no risk of flooding.
  • We ensure the safety and security of your cargo with high-quality CCTV surveillance 24×7.
  • Our warehouse is operational 24x7x365, with uninterrupted electric supply (Torrent Power) backed by a 50 KVA DG SET and robust internet and water supply.
  • We are also in close proximity to major industrial zones.

Compliance and equipment are essential

  • The ownership documents for the Warehouse Zero Emissions (Green Warehouse) are available, along with insurance cover.
  • This eco-friendly facility is equipped with LED lights and battery-operated forklifts.
  • The Local Gram Panchayat has provided NOC for operations, and the facility is licensed under the FSSAI for food and product storage.
  • The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has given consent, and the Fire Safety Department has issued a provisional NOC, ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • The warehouse also has compliant labour usage and a state-of-the-art WMS, with customizable options for various needs.
  • Automated report generation for daily reporting is also available.
  • The latest MHE’s, including articulated forklifts by Bendi Germany (by Godrej), and heavy-duty pallet racking systems by Godrej are in use.
  • Additionally, there is an open plot measuring about 12,000 sq. ft. adjacent to the warehouse to accommodate temporary and heavy shipments and other vehicular movement.

Warehouse Address

J-7 to 13, Globe Complex, Ovali Village
Dapode Road,Bhiwandi. Dist. – Thane,

Bhiwandi, Maharashtra 421302

Contact Details

Mr. Hanumant (Sanjay) Bhoite

+91 22-46060857
+91 93218 15474